Pasta Fagioli

*Stracciatella Soup GF

*Shrimp Cocktail GF
(4) Cocktail sauce and horseradish.

*Grilled Portugese Octopus GF
Warm chickpeas, apple smoked bacon & pickled fennel, drizzled with cilantro oil

Nonne Polpette
Grandma’s chicken meatballs, marinara, shaved Reggiano

Fried Burrata  
Fresh creamy curd stuffed mozzarella, warm Sicilian  eggplant caponata

Truffel Mac & Cheese

 *Fried Brussel Sprouts
Crispy, tossed in aged balsamic reduction, chilies


Crackling Calamari
tender fried squid tossed with baby Bok-choy, radicchio, cashew nuts, crispy noodles, Citrus lime dressing

Winter Panzanella
Rustic bread, butternut squash, dates, walnuts, roasted red onions, fresh greens, burrata mozzarella, fig balsamic vinaigrette

*Market Salad
fresh greens, apples, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, gorgonzola, white balsamic local honey Vinaigrette

Traditional Caesar
fresh romaine house made dressing crispy croutons

*Additions to Salads

Grilled Chicken, Salmon or Shrimp


Macaroni Vodka
Plum tomatoes, pancetta, fresh basil vodka-cream sauce

Paglia e Fino
Baby shrimp, prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, tomato cream sauce, fresh green and white fettuccini

Radiatore Cingihale
Fresh pasta with Boar ragu, burrata mozzarella

Bucatini Carbonara
Guanciale, onions, peas, parmigiana cream sauce with sunnyside egg

Gemelli Verdure
Roasted eggplant, heirloom cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, peas, and cauliflower in garlic and olive oil

Norwegian Salmon 
Crispy brussel sprouts, farro, butternut squash, mushrooms, fig sage butter

*Seared Scallops 
Guanciale and English pea risotto sundried tomato gremolata

*Montauk Swordfish  
Roasted baby eggplant, charred corn, oyster mushrooms,  melted green onions

Sweet potato, cauliflower, roasted tri-color carrots, parsnip puree

Chicken Scarpariello
Sweet Italian sausage, hot and/or sweet peppers, sliced potatoes in a garlic-lemon white wine sauce

Chicken Parmigaina
Organic French breast, pan-fried Fresh mozzarella tomato basil sauce side of fresh pasta

*Black Angus Flat Iron Steak
Sautéed mushrooms, onions crispy salty smashed potatoes, chimichurri


Guanciale and English Pea Risotto
Roasted Vegetables
Crispy potatoes

Roasted Tri-Color Carrots
Truffle Pomme Frites

All * Items are Gluten Free

Please No Substitutions
Automatic Gratuity of 20% added to parties of 8 or more
*If you have any food allergies please speak to your Server, Manager or Chef before ordering.